Is there any other way to connect to a SQL database than ODBC ?

Friday, April 02 2004 @ 10:00 AM UTC

Contributed by: Admin

Is it possible to connect to a SQL database from FileMaker 7 (on OS X, where only ODBC is available) but require full access to the database not only what ODBC allows you ?

FileMaker 7 has a new plug-in format, based on Mach-O binaries packaged in OS X bundles. (The old format is still supported).
In practice, this means it is quite easy for a developer (with the FileMakerPro7 Developer kit and any version of CodeWarrior >= 8 FMPro plugins can't be compiled with gcc ! to write a plug-in giving you access to a particular database system like MySQL or PostgreSQL in a "native" way.
We have put here a beta version of one plug-in supporting PostgreSQL 7.4.x.
Warning: this plug-in has only been tested under Panther with a PosgreSQL 7.4.2 server compiled with support for ssl and Python (as explained in this topic).